Brunata products help reduce consumption

Brunata is a cleantech company within the area of metering of natural resources. Empirical data show that if consumers know how much heating etc. they use when and at what cost, they reduce their consumption by 10-40%. In this sense metering changes human behaviour and reduces the consumption of natural resources.
In addition, by providing energy distributors with data and knowledge to optimise operational control, metering reduces water and heat waste.

In short

  • Brunata increases awareness of resource consumption through actual measuring and data collection
  • Brunata makes it possible to measure energy efficiency and optimise operation of water and heating systems
  • Brunata encourages energy saving by billing according to actual, measured consumption

Good reasons for choosing modern reading methods
Meters can be read remotely without visits to your home or company. You only need internet access to monitor operations and consumption. Leaks and other supply disruptions can be registered straight away for immediate action.


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