How to get more time for your core business

After North Jutland Housing Association in 2010 chose to gather all their accounts with Brunata, they have not only saved time, but also got more satisfied residents.
With remotely read meters and accounts from Brunata, the property administration is saving valuable time which was previously spent managing those, This can now be used for the core business – creating good homes for the 1,800 residents.


Fair cost allocation means satisfied tenants
In the complete solution, North Jutland Housing Association has 24/7 online access to its own figures and accounts.

”We are delighted with the internet solution offered by Brunata”, says Torben Fisker, Technical Manager at North Jutland Housing Association. “For instance, we can help the residents improve their heating economy – we have done that several times. If residents say they have no heating, we can also check whether that is actually true,” Torben Fisker explains.


A complete solution which is worth the investment
The housing association has been a Brunata customer for more than 15 years and in 2010 decided to gather all its activities with the company because of the solution it offers.

“Brunata is very solution-oriented and I regard them as advisers rather than salespeople. They take our enquiries seriously and immediately follow up if we have a problem. They also provide sparring and have organised courses for the administration and our inspectors, for instance about how to create accounts. That provides us with a sense of security,” Torben Fisker concludes.
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