The three main areas associated with Brunata's social responsibility are Environment and Climate, Interest Dialogue, and Employees. The main areas have been developed in collaboration, our internal departments; Finance, Consumption Accounting and Marketing, as well as a number of employees in the company.
The correlation between the selected focus areas means that strategic actions in one specific area can have positive impact on one or more other areas.

Due to our green profile, Brunata has always supported initiatives that have a positive impact on energy efficiency and climate protection. Therefore, constant efforts are being made to develop solutions for measuring and visualising energy consumption and contributing positively to global sustainability. It is our mission to strengthen the sustainable behaviour through energy savings in all types of properties.

In order to support politicians and society in promoting sustainability, Brunata has participated actively in union work in Denmark and the EU, including E.V.V.E. (The Association for Energy Cost Allocation), a European industry organization working to implement the EED (Energy Efficiency Directive). We are also actively involved in fairs and exhibitions where Brunata is advocating energy efficiency and climate protection through sustainable behaviour.


The CSR report describes three selected key areas related to Brunata’s corporate social responsibility: Environment and climate, stakeholder dialogue, and employees. They have been jointly chosen by the departments; Finance, Consumption Accounts and Marketing, together with various employees in the company.

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As of 2015 the CSR report is included in the annual report. Read it here

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