Case: Housing Association Sundparken

Increasing damp problems have cost the residents of Sundparken thousands of kroner every year. With Brunata’s humidity meter, the housing association has found a solution.

Every year, the housing association Sundparken spent around DKK 100,000 on repairing damage by damp and the problems of damp and subsequent mould fungus were increasing.

About five years ago, when it was decided to equip the 392 flats in the housing association with remotely read heat cost allocators, a decision was therefore also made to invest some DKK 160,000 in Brunata’s humidity meter Futura Hygro.

These meters are worth gold when boiler man Erling Petersen is contacted by residents with damp problems in their flats.

Minute by minute the humidity meters transmit data to Brunata WebMon, where Erling Petersen can log in and follow the interior climate pattern on an equal footing with the residents.

”When damp problems arise, I bring an overview of the humidity levels in the flat to the residents, so they can see the consequences of failing to air the rooms. On this basis, we can speak of good humidity behaviour. It is brilliant,” he says.

Quick return on investment

In step with rising oil prices and environmental awareness, people are increasingly turning down the heating and avoiding opening the windows. At the same time, residents’ committee chairman Charlotte Olsen experiences that the younger generations are less conscious of the major damp problems created by long, hot baths and wet washing in the flats.

As a result, 15-20 residents every year contact the housing association about damp problems in the flats.

”All housing associations experience damp problems. It can cost up to DKK 200,000 to repair major damage by damp and in social housing like this, all the residents collectively have to pay, unless we can document that the problems are caused by resident behaviour. The humidity meters allow us to do that. In the long term, it will therefore be of great financial benefit to the residents,” she says.

Armed with the documentation from the humidity meters, Erling Petersen can today ask the residents themselves to repair their damage by damp by washing down the walls, removing the wallpaper and repainting. Every time, he points out to the residents that in future they have to pay the cost of repairing damage by damp themselves.

Care for the residents

In Erling Petersen’s experience, the residents appreciate the humidity meters as an expression of care for the association. His recommendation to other housing associations is therefore clear.

”Get a humidity meter. In my opinion, it is worth gold. It is a huge help to me and the residents appreciate advice on how to improve their interior climate,” he says.