Does the Heat Cost Allocator record heating from the sun or burning stoves?

Brunata’s electronic heat cost allocators (e.g. RME 95 and Futura Heat) can, as the only heat cost allocators on the market, distinguish between minus-heat, which is heat from external sources such as the sun or burning stoves, and plus-heat, which is the heat from the radiator. 

With Brunata’s evaporation meter (RMK 87) we make sure to fill the ampule, so that the metering device under normal circumstances doesn’t register heating from the sun. The reasoning behind being that a natural evaporation will always find place in the ampules of the evaporation meters – also when not in use. To account for this, the amount of liquid in the ampule is always compensated with the exact amount of liquid that is known to be evaporating naturally over the course of a year. The ampule is customized a registration period of 12 months when the liquid is filled.

Aside from this, Brunata used cyklohexanol as ampule liquid, which means that the evaporation speed is relatively small in temperatures between 18oC and 27 oC. This is advantageous, since it corresponds to regular room temperature.

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