How is my compensation for exposed placement calculated?

The aim of compensating for exposed placement is to reimburse the consumption account for an apartment placement that is exposed to an extraordinarily large heat consumption. Exposed placements can be apartments that face a gable, apartments that are placed over an unheated basement, apartments that are placed on the top floor or apartments that are near or over a gate. In technical terms, the reimbursement is called a ”correction for outermost placement”.

In accordance with official regulations, a heat loss calculation is used as foundation for our calculation of the reimbursement. The heat loss calculation is formulated by an engineering- or architect firm. If a heat loss calculation is non-existent for the apartment in question, Brunata’s own experience number is used.

The reimbursement for the apartment can be seen in the consumption account under the reduction title. The correction can be carried out in two separate parts of the payment. The part that is usage-dependent (that is, in the calculated usage) or the part that is usage-independent (that is, the fixed fordelingstal for heat) – or alternatively, both.

These answers are based on the current situation in Denmark, and may vary by country. If this wasn't the answer you were looking for, please feel free to contact us.