What is the cost of one unit?

Brunata produces consumption accounts of water, heat and energy. That is, we read the meters to see, how many units the single apartment have used in the given period. From these readings, we are able to calculate the usage for every single apartment, since we know how large a share one apartment have consumed out of the total usage. Thus the total usage of the building, as told by the utility company, can be allocated between the residents based on their share of the usage.

This allocation is based on a price per unit. The price per unit varies from one year to another, since it is dependent on the total consumption and the price as dictated from the utility company. This is why the price cannot be compared to the utility company’s price for Kwh/m3

These answers are based on the current situation in Denmark, and may vary by country. If this wasn't the answer you were looking for, please feel free to contact us.