If the humidity in the room is too high

It is important not to let the humidity increase to an extent that will have a negative impact on the indoor climate. A high humidity is defined as having a relative humidity above 60-65 %. During the winter, the relative humidity should be between 40-45% and between 20-60 % during the rest of the year. Brunata’s humidity meter makes it possible to measure the relative humidity and temperature of the different rooms.

If the humidity is too high, it is recommended to air out the room three times a day to refresh the air.

Some additional advices would be to:

  • Keep the integrated ventilation ducts in the building open.
  • Air out the bathroom when showering (from a window or ventilation duct).
  • Air out the kitchen when cooking (from a cooker hood, window, ventilator or ventilation duct).
  • Boil the food in pots with a lid (in this way you will reduce your power consumption as well).
  • Dry the clothes outside living areas (e.g. at a drying room).
  • Cover bigger vessels with water if they have to stay for quite a long time.
  • Be aware of airing out the room when a lot of people are gathered.