Our solutions

Visualisation of indoor climate

The visualisation of the property’s data is a big part of optimising, reducing, and making the conditions of indoor climate tangible. As an administrator or heating manager, you get access to visual information on both humidity and temperature within the property. You are thereby assured that the residents live in a healthy environment, while you have the possibility of discovering unwanted factors in the indoor climate.

As an energy consultant, you get access to visual information on the effect of various energy renovation projects through humidity and temperature data. This allows you as an consultant to always be able to show evidence for the beneficial effect of the job you have performed.

Lastly, you can as a construction contractor place demands for documentation that the work has been done in correct conditions, and you can see the effect of the work that has been accomplished - especially in energy renovation projects.

This visualisation can be accomplished in several ways: 


WebMon is a web-based application, in which administrators have access to data from Brunata’s humidity and temperature meters through reports or the installation of alarms. This allows you to gain insight into the property's indoor climate conditions. You get a quick and optimal view of all of the property’s meters. With WebMon, you can monitor the data down at the meter level. WebMon requires that the property has remotely readable meters.

Brunata Visual

Visual is a desktop program for administrators, heating managers, energy consultant, etc., which can be downloaded and then run locally on your computer. It performs continuous monitoring of the indoor climate in the property, which makes the tool extremely effective in the struggle to elucidate the property's condition and improve the indoor climate. This means that you get a complete and detailed overview of the state of the system and the indoor climate in the property and can quickly generate an analysis with interpolated measurement data in graphs and tables. Visual requires that remotely readable meters are installed.

Our meters

With an electronic humidity meter from Brunata, it is possible to get visual information on the temperature and relative humidity. To help create a good indoor climate, a humidity meter is used when it detects moisture formation and thermal bridges.

With an electronic temperature meter from Brunata, is it possible to get visual information of the temperature. The temperature meter ensures the proper temperature and creates a good indoor climate. The meter registers a wide range of temperatures, as it measures the area between -25 ° C to + 100 ° C.


Would you like to know more about our different options within meters, please contact our sales department.