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Consumption accounts

Brunata can help you prepare water consumption accounts. This means that we allocate the total water consumption among the residents who have access to the property’s water. 

Brunata offers different kinds of water meters to measure both hot and cold water, all of which are useful instruments for the drafting of consumption accounts.

In Denmark individual hot water meters must be installed in all multi-user property, if it is technically possible and economically viable. The purpose of the individual measurements is to encourage people to save water. The installation will also benefit each resident, as the meters ensure that each resident only pay for their actual consumption. As a service, we are happy to help you to calculate the economic viability of the installation in your property. For help or advisor contact our sales department. You are also welcome to contact one of our international departments if you want hear about their country’s legislation.

By installing a water meter in the vicinity of the property's hot water tank, the total consumption of hot water for the property is registered. The installation provides a more accurate water account. In addition to the installation of a water meter, it is also recommend to install an energy meter, so that the energy consumption for the production of hot water (incl. heat loss from pipes) is registered. The benefits of this include an accurate account of energy consumption for domestic hot water, including circulation losses, and a precise distinction between energy consumption for domestic hot water and heating in the heating accounts. This in turn provides documentation of energy consumption for domestic hot water in relation to the calculation of the economic viability of the installation of individual hot water meters.

Would you like to know more about our various offers in heat and energy meters, please contact our sales department.

Even the smallest changes to the property can have a decisive influence on your bill. Therefore, there are several advantages to keeping updated regarding the changes that occur throughout the year. The more we know about your property, the more your annual consumption account will be correct. And the cost allocation among the residents will be fairer. At the same time, we can provide accounts more quickly when we have prior knowledge of the year's changes.