Brunata WebMon

Brunata WebMon is part of Brunata Online. It is a web-based programme for presenting meter data. To get access to Brunata WebMon, you must have electronic meters with remote reading in a BrunataNet system.

WebMon gives you, as administrator or manager, an overall view of all meters and the consumption of, for instance, water and heating for the whole property. The easy access to data among other things allows you to deal with consumption enquiries effectively and quickly and also simplifies the administration of removals.

Brunata WebMon provides you with:

  • Quick and easy access to data from any computer with internet access
  • Great data security- all data are stored on a server at Brunata
  • Quick overview of meters and property information
  • Easy-to-read consumption summaries, for the whole property or an individual resident
  • The option of monitoring meters and the operation of BrunataNet

Additional services:

  • The option of administering removals
  • Various report options
  • The option of setting up email alerts
  • Resident access and administration of this

Brunata Online resident
As a resident, you can also get access to Brunata Online and WebMon, provided your administrator has a Brunata Online agreement with Brunata and you have received an activation letter. As resident, you can get access to see your own meters, consumption patterns and archive via a computer.

Read about Brunata WebMon here. To find out more about the additional services which are part of Brunata WebMon or other opportunities offered by Brunata Online, please contact Brunata.

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