Brunata’s environmental policy

Brunata develops and produces meters and related products which, on a worldwide scale, help reduce the emission of CO2 as well as reducing waste water quantities. In addition, they make the use of energy and water consumption more efficient. The use of meters ensures that the individual consumers are constantly aware of their resource consumption thereby encouraging them to limit it as much as possible.

Brunata’s products are widely perceived as being environmentally sound, as they contribute to the limitation in consumption of oil, gas, and water – resources threatened by future scarceness. Furthermore, when used, these resources create waste which is subject to environmentally correct handling or treatment.

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Brunata will:

  • work on the reduction of environmentally damaging raw materials
  • be committed to reducing energy consumption and amounts of waste by a continuous optimization of our processes and production, also including:

    • working on reducing the environmental impact of transportation (installation and servicing of meters)
    • implementing the best techniques available, wherever appropriate and financially possible
    • working on reducing our consumption of electrical energy

  • communicate and cooperate, internally as well as externally, regarding the environmental matters  related to our products and activities
  • further the employee’s environmental sense of responsibility
  • ensure the observance of existing legislation and regulatory requirements in the environmental arena
  • sort our waste products including the safe disposal of disused meters

With effect from 2 January 2007, Brunata has received an environmental certificationaccording to the rules of DS/EN ISO 14001.

Environmental certificate

The environmental certification relates to Brunata's activities in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

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