Dalsia Brunata substations for district heating

The products of Brunata and the district heating substations Dalsia Brunata in particular are designed for the district heating sector. Following our traditions dating back to the beginning of the 20th century we attach key importance to the innovations and scientific researches in the sphere of heat engineering. That way we succeed in offering products and services with high quality which suit the requirements of the modern world.

The district heating substation Dalsia Brunata is our optimal solution for connection to the district heating network. It supplies hot tap water and heating to residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

We offer standard and non-standard Dalsia Brunata solutions based on our experience in the design, production and selection of components of world’s leading producers. We started their production in a non-standard production department in Sofia, Bulgaria. Today we constantly improve their design and work capacities and we have a modern factory in the Industrial area Rakovski - Municipality Stryama, Bulgaria. The production capacity of the department in Stryama municipality is over 2000 substations per year on 2200 square meters area. Our production is mainly intended for international markets.

Dalsia Brunata substations can be easily adjusted to all district heating conditions, demands and needs. Dalsia Brunata is a flexible, solid and lightweight construction, which facilitates the transportation and installation. The district heating substations are equipped with devices that meet the requirements of the district heating company. Furthermore, they are delivered fully assembled and wired for minimum installation costs. All items are produced by leading worldwide manufacturers to ensure high reliability and low operating cost of the product.

Today Dalsia Brunata is a famous brand in many European countries like Denmark, Italy, France, Greece, Ukraine and Bulgaria.


For more information please visit: www.dalsiabrunata.com

Contact us at: Brunata Substations

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