Optuna H

Brunata's compact energy meter Optuna H is based on the ultrasound principle. It has been develop and produced by one of Europe's largest producers of volume and heating energy meters. The meter is the result of 140 years of experience and expertise within energy and volume measuring.


Optuna H is a compact energy meter with electronic calculator for measuring and allocating energy consumption. It has a radio transmitter, low pressure drop, a large dynamic range and a battery life up to 16 years, even in radio mode. The calculator unit offers many facilities and a large choice of plug-in modules. The ultrasonic compact energy meter can be used for measuring the energy consumption in heating / cooling application for billing purposes. Meter sizes: qs = 0.6-100 m³/h.



Brunata's conditions for ultrasound measuring

  1. The meter must be service and user friendly
  2. The meter must have a long life without problems
  3. The meter must be sufficiently flexible to meet future requirements

The patented Optuna H meets these requirements!

See data sheet for Optuna H

See installation instructions for Optuna H

See conformity declaration Optuna H type 775_0200

See conformity declaration Optuna H type 775_0102


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