MULTICAL 21 is an ultrasound water meter. The meters is read remotely through a radio. If the meter is already installed by other than Brunata, we can still offer to read the meter remotely - however, the meter must have individual encryption from Kamstrup. Kamstrup describes the meter as follows:

MULTICAL® 21 is your guarantee that the consumption of every single litre of water is accurately registered and billed. By contrast to a traditional meter, the electronic ultrasonic meter operates with low start and stop flows during the entire life of the meter.


It has no moving parts and is, thus, resistant to wear and impurities in  drinking water. In combination with the meter's longevity, including up to 16 years' battery life and minimum operating costs you are guaranteed the most cost-effective solution.


Read more about MULTICAL 21 Hot/Cold

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