Modernise your meters

In many apartments the radiators are equipped with evaporative type meters. Some of these meters can no longer be serviced or read unless the meters are rebuilt.

Why choose Brunata?
Brunata is approved by the authorities to carry out modernization of other brands of evaporative meters using our patented capillary ampoules. With Brunata’s capillary ampoules you gain a number of substantial improvements as well as economic and environmental advantages. Please note: not all types of meter can be modernized.

No consumption is registered for unused radiators
Brunata’s liquid filled ampoule is currently the only one which is delivered with adequate overfilling, corresponding to a year’s evaporation from the ampoule on an unused radiator. This means that the meter does not show consumption on unused radiators. Consequently, you only pay for the heat you actually use.
More units - greater fairness
The liquid in Brunata’s ampoules evaporates faster than the liquid of other similar ampoules. In this way the total heat consumption can be calculated by more units than traditionally. Ultimately, this means a fairer settlement of consumption.

The liquid does not spill out
It is a clear advantage of Brunata’s capillary ampoules that the liquid cannot spill out. Thus, there is no risk of stains, discolorations, or odour problems, if the ampoule should be dropped in connection with replacing it.

Brunata can change the ampoules of your existing evaporative meters. Naturally, our service also includes information and instruction if you are considering changing to Brunata’s electronic heat meters.

We will gladly pay you a visit
In order for us to be able to give you the best advice possible, we will be happy to pay you a non-committal visit where we can discuss the possibilities.

Therefore, please call Brunata now at +45 77 77 70 70 and make an appointment for a meeting, or send us an e-mail to Remember to state your name and telephone number so we can contact you.

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