Brunata Visit - manual reading in the home

Many meters in Denmark are still read manually at a visit by a reader, typically because the property has the first version of the electronic meters or evaporation meters (capillary meters).

Manuel reading of Brunata Futura Heat version 1
The first version of the electronic Futura Heat is read inside the flat by a service technician using a hand terminal. The terminal checks the entered data and informs the reader if an unusual reading occurs. The message is subsequently reviewed by the accounts personnel at Brunata before the consumption accounts are prepared.

Manuel reading of evaporation meters
An evaporation meter has two ampoules with differently coloured liquids. The left ampoule shows last year’s consumption and the right the current year’s. Brunata’s service technician reads two figures on the meter scale:

  • This year’s consumption, which is used for the consumption accounts (right side).
  • Last year’s consumption, which is used as control figure (left side).

Both figures are entered into a hand terminal, which immediately checks the entered data.


Contact Brunata to find out more about what is needed to replace manually read meters with remotely read meters, which can be read without Brunata entering the home.

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