Frequently Asked Questions

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We have collected the questions most frequently asked by our customers and our replies below:


Heating cost
What is the cost of heating this year?


Reason for higher heating bill
Why do I have to pay more than last time?


Heating refund
When will I get a refund on my heating account?


Additional payment
When must I pay the additional amount which I owe on my heating bill?


Fixed tap shares
Why do I have to pay fixed tap shares?


Settlement at removal
I have moved out of my flat. When will my heating costs be settled?


Calculation of payment on account
How is my payment on account calculated?


Adjustment of payment on account
Can I adjust my payment on account?


What does refund mean?


Receipt of heating bill
When will I receive my heating bill?


Receipt of water bill
When will I receive my water bill?


Questions or complaint about the accounts
Can I ask questions or complain about the accounts?


Saving advice
Where will I find advice on reducing heating consumption?


Division of heating costs
How are the heating costs divided between personal consumtion and fixed shared costs?


Exposed location
What does exposed location mean and how is my reduction for exposed location calculated?


The principle behind allocation accounts and the unit price calculation
How are heating costs allocated?
Why does the unit cost increase and how does that affect me?
Why does my allocator not show the unit cost?
What is the approximate cost of a unit?


Will I receive refund
Can you tell me weather I will receive a refund?


No radiator heat
My radiators are not heating up. What should I do?


Correction of name on accounts
I need to correct/remove a name on my heating accounts. What should I do?


Removal of neighbours
If someone who uses a lot of heating moves out, may the adjoining residents get a larger heating bill?

Larger heating bill, fewer units
Fewer measuring units have been registered for the property, yet noone's heating bill has increased. Why is that?



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