Frequently Asked Questions about meter reading and meters

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We have collected the questions most frequently asked by our customers and our replies below:


Meter reading

Displays on Brunata Futura Heat
What does the figures in the display on the heat cost allocator Heat show?

Difference between reading confirmation and heating accounts
Why is the calculation of units on the annual reading confirmation and the heating accounts different?

At home for meter reading
What should I do if I cannot be at home when you want to read the meter?

Meter reading date?
When do you come to read the meter?


Meter reading types
How will my meter be read?

Checking meter reading
How can I be sure the reading is correct?



Repair/replacement of meter
When will my meter be replaced/repaired?

Radiator replacement
Does the meter have to be reset if the radiator is replaced?


Heat from the sun and wood-fired stoves
Will the meter register heat from th sun and wood-fired stoves?


Evaporation meters
Why do you call your evaporation meters capillary meters?


Are the meters working?
How can I be sure that the meters are working?


Adaptation of meter to radiator size
Are the same meters used on both small and large radiators?


Open door or window
If a window or patio door is opened near a thermostat valve and it is cold outside, will/should a thermostat valve which is not entirely closed – but set to frost protection – turn on the heating?



Reporting removal
Why should I inform of removal?


Payment at removal
Why do Ihave to pay for a reading when I move out?


Settlement at removal
I am moving out of my flat. When will my heating costs be settled?


Waiting for bill
Why does it take so long before I receive my bill after removal?


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