Minol ZENNER Connect goes Europe-wide


Minol ZENNER Connect goes Europe-wide – ZENNER IoT PLUG&PLAY solutions are now available in many European countries.

The Internet of Things (IoT for short) is an important driver of digitalisation for public utilities, energy providers, municipalities, industry and SMEs. ZENNER is one of the leading technology providers in this field. After many successful projects, the company is expanding to make its IoT PLUG&PLAY solutions available in many European countries in future.

LoRaWAN can be used for many digital applications in the smart city. (Source: Adobe Stock, ZENNER)

As of now, the smart ZENNER IoT PLUG&PLAY solutions for use in Minol ZENNER Connect GmbH’s LoRaWAN® network are available not just in Germany but also Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Croatia and Slovenia. Other countries will follow later this year.

LoRaWAN® allows customers to transmit their sensor data securely and reliably via the Internet of Things. The Minol-ZENNER Group offers its own network for this purpose. “We are now one of Europe’s largest LoRaWAN network operators, providing our customers with reliable network operation, monitoring the network for outages, coverage gaps and capacity, and also ensuring that each country’s respective regulatory requirements are met,” reports Marcus Kirchdörfer, Managing Director of Minol ZENNER Connect GmbH, the group’s LoRaWAN network operator. Today, MZC’s network already comprises more than 46,000 LoRaWAN gateways and around 4 million LoRaWAN terminals.

The fact that digital IoT solutions can be used professionally, not just for large-scale projects, but also on a smaller scale, is demonstrated by the ZENNER IoT PLUG&PLAY solution portfolio, which was specially developed for SMEs and smaller commercial enterprises. “We have observed for some time that many SMEs and commercial enterprises are very interested in using digital solutions selectively or combining them with each other. This includes, for example, for detecting leaks or monitoring roller doors, filling levels, storage and cold rooms.

During the coronavirus pandemic, there was also a surge in demand for solutions to monitor indoor air quality in offices, schools and public buildings, including measuring CO2 levels,” reports Boris Stöckermann, Head of New Business Europe at the Minol-ZENNER Group.

ZENNER IoT PLUG&PLAY focuses on processes that are as straightforward and user-friendly as possible. The ZENNER IoT-GatewayPLUS Smart is simply plugged into a socket and automatically connects to the Minol-ZENNER Group’s LoRaWAN® network via the customer’s WLAN. New sensors purchased via the online ZENNER shop can be optionally delivered pre-configured, connect automatically to the network during commissioning, and be mapped in the B.One Gallery visualisation platform. Individual use cases can be freely combined with each other. True to the motto Gateway Sensor, Ready, Go!

“The idea of being able to implement digitisation yourself even without extensive IT knowledge is well received in the market,” explains Stöckermann. “Our goal is to keep customer effort as low as possible. Putting devices into operation with ZENNER IoT PLUG&PLAY is no more complicated than integrating electrical devices into your home WiFi. However, if any questions arise, the B.One Community provides users with a specialist forum where laypersons and experts can constructively exchange experiences. For more extensive projects that require individual project management, interested parties can contact the ZENNER IoT project team via the shop.”

“Besides our own products, our portfolio currently includes over 200 smart IoT sensors and gateways from the most popular manufacturers, which can be used to achieve countless smart use cases – on both small and large scales. The spectrum of solutions ranges from the intelligent digitisation of individual tasks to the creation of complex digital ecosystems,” explains Stöckermann.

The installed sensors send the status data to the corresponding gateways via the Internet of Things. From there, the data is forwarded to an IoT platform where it is available for many applications. All data is encrypted before transmission. Corresponding solutions, e.g. for visualising devices and data, are available on the IoT platform.

ZENNER has been one of the pioneers for years and offers end-to-end complete IoT solutions from a single source, from measurement technology and sensors to telecommunications infrastructure and data services, right through to the finished application. Whether you’re after a classic smart city solutions such as demand-based street lighting control (smart lighting), intelligent parking solutions (smart parking) and demand-oriented waste disposal (smart waste) or solutions for intelligent buildings (smart buildings) – digitalisation offers countless opportunities to optimise processes, save costs or sustainably improve a carbon footprint. The company relies primarily on LoRaWAN® technology. “With the global radio standard LoRaWAN, data from thousands of devices and sensors can be transmitted over long distances quickly, securely and with minimal energy consumption,” says Stöckermann.

You can experience the smart IoT solutions live at the LoRaWAN World Expo, the world’s largest LoRaWAN exhibition, in Paris on 6 and 7 July. There, ZENNER and Minol ZENNER Connect will be exhibiting together with partners Brunata, SmartMakers and asvin, as well as presenting the ZENNERShop for IoT sensors and solutions.


ZENNER International GmbH & Co. KG has its headquarters in Saarbrücken, Germany, and develops, produces and distributes measuring technology for global markets. ZENNER operates production facilities in Europe, Asia and the USA and has 60 locations around the world. Established in 1903, the company has been part of the family-owned group of Minol-ZENNER since 2005. Minol and ZENNER employ more than 4,200 people worldwide. The portfolio includes residential, domestic and bulk water meters, heat meters, gas meters and modern system technology. ZENNER customers are energy suppliers and municipal utilities but also industrial companies, wholesalers and meter-reading companies. Since 2016, as part of its digitalisation strategy, ZENNER has focused on innovative system solutions based on Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, ranging from project development to measurement data acquisition and processing to end user application and IoT network operation. ZENNER IoT Solutions GmbH, based in Hamburg, and ZENNER Hessware GmbH in Mannheim joined the Group in 2017. Both specialise in the development of customer-specific IoT applications.

More information at www.zenner.com

About Minol ZENNER Connect

Minol ZENNER Connect GmbH is one of the largest LoRaWAN® network operators for IoT use cases in Germany. Minol ZENNER Connect currently operates one of the largest private LoRaWAN networks in Germany with more than 46,000 LoRaWAN gateways installed in 11 states. Today around 4 million measuring devices and sensors are already integrated in the Minol ZENNER Connect network. The LoRaWAN network can be used to achieve countless smart use cases in the smart city, smart industry or smart energy sectors.

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Innovative e-Mobility Solutions for Municipal Utilities


Nikoline Romerdahl

Zenner and GP Joule Connect bring new e-mobility solutions for municipal utilities and energy providers into the market. Already integrated is the transmission of data via a smart meter gateway, which is partly required from 2021.

In order to integrate holistic e-mobility solutions into modern district and smart city concepts, Zenner and GP Joule Connect have developed a package that combines CLS (Controlled Local Systems) and LoRaWAN® technology with mobility solutions. (copyright: GP Joule)
Municipal utilities (known as Stadtwerke) also want to position themselves as service providers for cities, districts or regional companies in the domain of electromobility. Sebastian Heß, Managing Director of Zenner Hessware GmbH: “The entry into electromobility has several advantages: In addition to income from electricity sales, for example, the smart operation of the charging infrastructure guarantees secure network control through the monitoring and control of charging points.” An important aspect, as it is becoming more and more important to monitor load conditions and to switch charging stations intelligently. With CLS management from Zenner Hessware, this is now possible under regulatory compliance.
In order to integrate holistic e-mobility solutions into modern district and smart city concepts, Zenner and GP Joule Connect have developed a package that combines the CLS and LoRaWAN® technology with mobility solutions. An example of this is data transmission via a smart meter gateway.

Smart meter gateway as a secure communication channel

Starting in 2021, it will be mandatory for charging stations with consumption of over 6,000 kWh to use Smart Meter Gateways (SMGW). Charging points must then be controlled in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

However, the advantages of Section 14a of the Energy Industry Act (EnWG) can also be exploited in this way. This promises the operators of controllable consumer devices a reduced network fee. The prerequisite for this is the role as an active EMT at Zenner Hessware. This provides an integrated solution for the control of charging infrastructure including data transmission via SMGW.

E-mobility as a smart city solution

In addition, Zenner has developed a LoRaWAN®-supported smart parking solution that shows the actual occupancy of the parking area in front of a charging station. It is true that operators of charging stations can usually determine whether an electric vehicle is being charged. However, it remains unclear whether a supposedly available e-parking space might actually be occupied by a non e-mobility vehicle.

By combining data about the operating status of the charging station and the availability of the parking space on a single platform, real-time reliable information about free and functional parking spaces for electric vehicles can be made available via a smart app.

More information about Zenner at Zenner.com

Brunata-Minol-ZENNER Group supports fight against coronavirus


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Last week, the Brunata-Minol-ZENNER Group donated medical equipment worth 4.5 million renminbi – roughly equivalent to 600,000 euro – to the Shanghai Charity Foundation. The measurement devices will be used to help treat seriously ill patients.

February 2020 – The Brunata-Minol-ZENNER Group and China have a long tradition together. The company has been operating in the country for more than 20 years and currently runs five sites there, staffed by over 2,000 employees. “We have a strong connection to the country and its people and are very grateful for the way the Brunata-Minol-ZENNER Group has been able to flourish in China. For that reason, there was never any doubt we would help in the fight against the coronavirus at this difficult time,” explains Alexander Lehmann, CEO of the Brunata -Minol-ZENNER Group. The specialist measuring technology company has donated medical equipment to the value of 4.5 million renminbi (approximately 600,000 euro), which is to be used in the treatment of coronavirus patients.

Handover ceremony in Shanghai
Last week, Peter Yang, General Manager of ZENNER China, presented the donation to Guoping Fang, Vice President of the Shanghai Charity Foundation, and Wendong Xu, Vice President of Huashan Hospital – one of the hospitals whose team will be using the new equipment in Wuhan. Wendong Xu accepted the donation with gratitude: “Brunata-Minol-ZENNER has a reputation for precise measurements. The fact the company is applying its core expertise in the medical sector during the current situation and donating high-precision health monitoring equipment will really benefit our patients.” Germany’s Consul General, Dr. Christine Althauser, had this to add: “I would like to thank the Brunata-Minol-ZENNER Group for its exemplary display of commitment. I am certain this generous donation will play in important part in addressing equipment shortages in hospitals.”

Consequences of the coronavirus
Since the coronavirus broke out in Wuhan, all the subsidiaries and staff of the Brunata-Minol-ZENNER Group in China have been supporting efforts to prevent and stem the epidemic. They are pulling together to fight the coronavirus and, as far as possible, safeguarding the delivery and service guarantee for domestic and global customers.

About the Brunata-Minol-ZENNER Group
The family-managed corporate group offers measurement technology, billing services and IoT and e-mobility solutions for global markets. The corporation employs a workforce of more than 3,700 worldwide, and local subsidiaries and distributors can be found in more than 100 countries. Minol is one of the world’s leading service providers for the real estate business. Headquartered in Leinfelden-Echterdingen, 20 branch offices ensure the company’s presence throughout Germany. The company supports the real estate business during the digitalisation of processes and the implementation of future scenarios such as smart home, smart care and smart city. ZENNER, headquartered in Saarbrücken, Germany, develops, produces and markets measurement technology and system solutions based on internet of things technologies. It offers comprehensive IoT services from project development to measurement data acquisition and processing to application at the end user’s operation. Several other companies from areas such as the IoT world are also members of the Brunata-Minol-ZENNER Group. More information is available at www.minol.de, www.zenner.de and www.minol.de/minol-zenner-gruppe

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