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Brunata implements generational

change in the management team

The CEO of Danish service company Brunata, Keld Forchhammer, has chosen to retire. The company is therefore implementing a generational change this summer while maintaining the successful modernisation strategy that has ensured high growth in recent years.

Brunata’s CEO, Keld Forchhammer, has chosen to retire after more than three decades of service at the company. Keld is handing over management of the company to Jesper Holm Kristoffersen and Kristian Voldby Olsen, both of whom have been part of the executive board in recent years. Kristian Voldby Olsen has been responsible for operations and technology, while Jesper Holm Kristoffersen has performed the task of overseeing the commercial part of the business. As a new and strong management team, they will continue on the course that has already been set under Keld Forchhammer together. Jesper Holm Kristoffersen will be given the title of CEO, while Kristian Voldby Olsen will be appointed Managing Director.

“We would like to thank Keld for his unique contribution as CEO. Under his leadership, Brunata has undergone a thorough modernisation and, in recent years, a successful acquisition by German firm Minol. In other words, he is handing over a company in peak condition”, says Jesper Holm Kristoffersen.

A great career with Brunata

Originally, Keld Forchhammer’s intention was not to pursue a career with Brunata. Back in the day, he graduated from university with a degree in Danish and German. He considered becoming a secondary school teacher, but instead ended up with Brunata, where he made a great career for himself. He took over the ultimate managerial responsibility when the family owners of Brunata wanted to sell the company in 2016. His biggest task was working on a thorough modernisation strategy, focused on digitising the business, as well as the completion of the subsequent sale of the company to German firm Minol in 2018.

“Throughout his time here, Keld has been a respected and well-liked manager and colleague. There is no doubt that he will be missed by everyone at Brunata, and of course we wish him an enjoyable and well-deserved retirement, where he will have more time for his family, his reading and, not least, his hobby of yacht racing”, Jesper Holm Kristoffersen says.

World leader in the services of the future

For decades, Brunata has provided solutions that optimise the energy consumption of homes and buildings. The new management will continue the modernisation strategy decided under the leadership of Keld Forchhammer. The strategy focuses on the continued digitisation of the business areas of energy, measurement technology and data networks. In the future, Brunata will be a leader in the Internet of Things and the development towards Smart Buildings and Smart Cities. Initiatives that will be crucial for the green transformation of society and the creation of intelligent buildings.

“We are continuing the ongoing strategy with a focus on the digital services of the future, which will give customers a much better overview of their energy consumption, indoor climate and building condition – as well as the possibility of supplementing with intelligent IoT solutions for residential properties.

In the coming years, to an even greater extent we will integrate our business across countries and utilise the Group’s position as a world leader in our business area. It is an exciting development in the company’s history, and we are pleased to be able to make a decisive contribution to the green transformation of society,” Kristian Voldby Olsen says

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Brunata is one of Europe’s leading companies in the field of consumption measurement and consumption accounts. We have over 100 years of experience in optimising energy consumption in homes and buildings, and we take that experience with us into a future where resource savings and green thinking are more important than ever. With advanced networking solutions and new technology, we create the basis for tomorrow’s Smart Cities, focusing on sustainability, time savings and increased quality of life. As a company, we have Danish roots, and yet we are part of an innovative global collaboration that has both the know-how and resources to present the energy solutions of the future today.