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Let’s make a change

In a smart world it is easier to reduce energy consumption and CO2 footprint because you have the data and overview at all times. And delivering this crucial information is essential in Brunata’s solutions.

Responsibility for environment and climate

Our products and services contribute to a reduced consumption of oil, gas and water – and thus reduced CO2 emission.

We will contribute to a greener and cleaner environment for current and future generations – both through our solutions and our own conduct as a company.

Brunata has an ISO 14001 environmental certification and we will keep optimizing our own energy consumption and reducing the climate effect of our activities.


We support the annual danish fundraiser to fight cancer

We contributed to the nationwide danish fundraiser supporting exposed girls in 12 countries securing safety, medical help and education.

The 17 
world goals

Brunata contributes to the 17 world goals with several initiatives focusing on sustainable energy.

We have recently been part of the SDG development program helping danish companies develop new sustainable products.

Currently we are developing a solution to make buildings and district heating more energy efficient.


From intelligent metering and billing to efficient services and our own Internet of Things. Brunatas solutions embrace 
it all.

Smart cities

Brunata is taking the lead when it comes to creating tomorrow’s smart living. Not in a distant future, but right here and now.


Digitalizing our homes, buildings and cities is not just about making daily life easier and more efficient. It is about saving resources and securing a sustainable future.


Remote reading of meters is an essential part of the EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive. It is a good idea to prepare for the new guidelines already now.