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Brunata acquires ista in Croatia

Brunata now becomes the leading player in the industry in Croatia by acquiring competitor ista in the local market. The company increases the installed product portfolio by 25 %.

Brunata’s acquisition of ista is effectuated by January 1, where the companies are merged and get all client service activities in sync. The acquisition is part of Brunata’s 2020 strategy to accelerate growth in the profitable European market:

“Brunata has a special international focus on key strategic markets such as Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, and France. Therefore, we are very excited to announce, that Brunata d.o.o. acquires ista d.o.o. in Croatia – one of our largest competitors both in Croatia and worldwide. The merge allows us to offer our services to even more clients in Croatia with a comprehensive package of billing and monitoring solutions, based on high-quality metering equipment for measuring heat and water consumption. We now have a strong advantage in Croatia and in the region to help create more climate-friendly buildings and support Croatians to reduce their energy consumption and lower their bills at the same time”, says Roberto Colombo, Regional Manager at Brunata.   

A helping hand to reduce energy consumption
Brunata’s solutions also contribute to governmental efforts to reduce energy consumption and support the goal of the green EU directive called The Energy Efficiency Directive (EED). This directive introduces legally binding measures to encourage efforts to use energy more efficiently in all stages and sectors of the supply chain. It offers a common framework for the promotion of energy efficiency within the EU to meet its energy efficiency headline target of 20% by 2020 – and a target for 2030 of at least 32.5%.

“Brunata on an annual basis issues millions of consumption-based bills. The fair distribution of energy costs and individual billing motivates residents to save up to 25% energy - according to the European Commission. This is a service with sustainable success, that gives a helping hand to reduce energy consumption and for governments to reach the target of the green EU directive EED. It is a service with sustainable success, that we are very proud of. At Brunata, we are all passionate about continuing to work for what has always been our value proposition. Namely, to promote sustainable behavior in society, concludes Roberto Colombo, Regional Manager at Brunata.  

About Brunata
Brunata is a Danish company with more than 100 years of experience in providing solutions that optimize the energy consumption of homes and buildings. In 2018, Brunata was acquired by family-owned German company Minol and is now part of one of the world's leading companies in the industry. Together with Minol, Brunata will be the front runner for new technology that facilitates daily life and offers new, exciting opportunities for owners, administrators and residents alike. And Brunata will continue to be a partner that values trust and good partnership.


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