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We are proud to announce that our employees are very satisfied. Read qoutes from our employees about Brunata's working life below.


"At Brunata it is possible to challenge yourself. I am employed as Account Manager in Brunata's department in Viby J, but I do much more than selling. I provide customer service, property reviews, back up for our many service technicians and much more. The most typical thing about my job is that there are no typical days. I do not experience two identical days, which fits my desire for an exciting and ever challenging job. The best way to describe Brunata: 'the committed community'. We all work together and it gives a very special spirit to the company, which I have not seen elsewhere."

Emilie Noel Wehnsou 
 Account Manager


"As a new employee in the Customer Service of Brunata I have received thorough training in systems and products, and despite the large amount of work I still have the opportunity to learn and better myself. It's exciting to work with my colleagues, to be the link between the customer and the company and make it all fit together on a higher level. I am proud to work at Brunata because Brunata helps to sustain the environment by limiting the consumption of nature's resources, and it is consistent with my own lifestyle."

Louise Havning 
Customer Service Advisor


"Through the past three years, where I have been employed at Brunata, the company has undergone a rapid development which is still ongoing. I think it's an incredibly exciting journey Brunata is on, and, proud of the great results that management and employees have created. My job is to ensure a competitive supply chain, in which I, together with the logistics team, focus on developing suppliers, production and distribution to our companies. As director of the area I also focus on developing my employees and ensuring that they enjoy their work. Furthermore, it's an additional dimension to the work that our products and services promote sustainable behaviour and focus on environmental improvements."

Kristian Voldby Olsen 
Director, Production og Logistics


"My work at Brunata is very versatile and there is a lot of variety in the tasks. Every day is different and there are always new and exciting challenges. In addition, I have good opportunities to influence my own day of work and have a say in the company's choice of IT solutions. The culture in Brunata is very open and the management listens and acts on the suggestions received. I therefore feel that I contribute positively to the company's development and we certainly live up to our value: 'We can, will and dare'."

Tino Jeppesen 
IT System / Network Administrator


"My work at Brunata is very exciting and diverse. Among other things I ensure that the foundation for developing a proper distribution account is present - this is based on the information we receive from our sales people and the administrators. In addition, I assure that changes within a property are constantly updated in our systems. It is challenging and very versatile as all cases are different. There are especially two things that make Brunata an incredibly good workplace. One is an exciting job with challenges and the other is good colleagues."

Svetlana Petersen