An ISO certificate is a stamp of approval of a company, conveying some international standards that a company can choose to follow. Below you can find Brunata's ISO certificates and thus the standards that Brunata has decided to follow in respect of quality management, management system, environmental management and environmental management system.

ISO-9001 - Quality in all stages
There has been said a lot about Danish companies’ ISO certifications, but the fact of the matter is: With an ISO certification a high and consistent quality level is guaranteed.

Several core areas have the ISO stamp
Brunata's ISO-9001 certificate includes several of the core areas of the company - manufacturing, sales, assembly, reading and technical control of settlement and distribution meters, issuing of declaration of conformity and preparation of distribution accounts and control systems.

ISO certification is a legal requirement
ISO certification means that we have documentation that our meters (and our entire workflow) are in order. ISO certification is a legal requirement. You should be aware when selecting a partner.

ISO 14001
ISO 9001

Does it matter?
If you go under the surface, it's a very comprehensive matter to become ISO certified, but the overall goal is always: A quality you can count on. In the process of becoming ISO certified, Brunata has therefore set an ambitious quality goal that has an impact on the entire company's way of working.