Brunata Online

Brunata Net

Brunata Net is the name of our remote reading system, which reads and sends the meter data every day, at short intervals. The benefits of Brunata Net is that the administrator and residents can continuously monitor the consumption of each meter and the humidity in the home. It provides insight into consumption patterns and forms the basis for a better usage of, for example, water and heat, can detect a leak in the supply and draw attention to excessively high and low humidity. 

Via Brunata Net, measurement data is sent from the humidity and consumption meters in homes to Brunata's database server. From here, data can be retrieved and used for consumption accounts as well as presentations, reports, and alerts via Brunata's web-based online applications WebMon and Visual.

All meters, such as heat, humidity, water, energy, electricity, and gas meters can in principle be connected to the system.