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Analysis package

Ensures optimal comfort provided by the heating system

Instead of purchasing a total energy optimisation solution, for example, ordering the installation of temperature meters on the property's heating system, you can choose Brunata is smart analysis package, also called Visual Mobile - temperature optimisation. This is a testing device that allows for the monitoring of temperatures at a desired location and for a specific period. The property’s riser pipes could be an example of such areas.

The analysis package includes temperature meters and comes with a transmitting unit that transmits and receives data seven days a week. And all data is, of course, available online.

 The analysis package can be used by multiple target groups.

For example, administrators can test the concept before investing in a complete solution for monitoring their heating system:

  • This is an analysis package that can be used to check temperatures at selected locations in the heating system - for example, in the event of complaints being issued from residents about a deficit of hot water. This makes it easy to optimise the property’s temperature. The tools in the package help to ensure that the residents have hot water pumping throughout the property, and that the growth of bacteria, for example, legionella bacteria, is prevented.

The analysis package can also be used if you as an energy consultant and entrepreneur would like to be able to document the property’s temperature conditions - especially during renovation projects:

  • The analysis package’s meters can be used to measure and visualise the property’s temperature conditions before, during, and after a renovation.