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Do you need an energy consultant?

We advise in energy optimisation and regulatory requirements for energy efficiency. Within energy optimisation, we offer a measurement of the system’s state/condition, which helps to spot any inadequacies in the heating system.  

That is, through the monitoring carried out by either Brunata or the property's energy manager, comfortable temperature (heating and domestic hot water) and optimum cooling of the district heating plant are ensured. Further, an overview of all non-visible elements in the system is created, such as risers.

Consultancy on energy is especially valuable for a property’s administrator, heating or energy manager, whom may be someone such as a board member or a professional within the administration.

We offer different packages in consultancy for energy optimisation. Contact our sales department to find out which option best suits your needs.  

What are the legal regulations?

In October 2012, EU member states signed the new EU Energy Directive (EED, no. 2012/27/EU), and a few months later, the Directive entered into force. 

The background for the Directive was the desire to achieve the goal of 20% energy savings by 2020, because the European Commission's status assessment showed that it would not happen if further energy savings were not accommodated.

The directive therefore includes a wide range of areas, wherein efforts should be made to implement energy-efficient solutions - including the area that relates to heat (allocation) accounts.

If you are unsure of whether you are in compliance with legal requirements, we can help you. All solutions from Brunata comply with the requirements listed above. And by combining remote meters and our online network solution, it is also possible to follow and compare consumption and instrument data online.

Read more about legislation here.