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The visualisation of consumption and data is a big part of optimising, reducing, and making energy consumption tangible. The target group of professionals, who can make use of such visualisation, is wide.

As an administrator or the property’s energy manager, you have access to visual information on the heating system’s condition, which is based on the measuring of water temperature running through the pipes of the property.

As an energy consultant, you have access to visual information on the effect of various energy renovations via temperature data.

And finally, you have, as a contractor or technician, access to visual temperature data before, during, and after performing the job.

Energy consumption can be visualised by using the Visual Brunata program or our meters:

Brunata Visual

Visual is a desktop program for managers, energy consultants, heating managers, etc., which can be downloaded and then run locally on your computer. It performs continuous monitoring of energy efficiency of a property, making the tool very effective in the struggle to optimally utilise energy and optimise a property’s energy profile. This means that you as an administrator will have a complete and detailed overview of your entire meter portfolio and can quickly generate an analysis with interpolated measurement data in graphs and tables. Visual requires that remotely readable meters are installed.

Our meters

With Brunata’s tools, the property’s energy manager has many opportunities for staying one step ahead, so that necessary adjustments and repairs to the heating system can be implemented proactively.

Futura Comfort, Brunata’s electronic temperature meter, can meet the need of making the property’s previously hidden data transparent – this helps in optimising the property’s energy profile. The temperature meter takes a temperature reading every 2 minutes and calculates on the basis of each measurement the average values that are displayed on the meter’s display. The meter is also available with an external sensor, which means that the temperature sensor can be set up at a distance from the sensor itself. The meter can therefore also be used to measure the temperature at locations that are not readily accessible, for example, around riser piping and other pipes in the property. And by adopting Brunata's network solution, all temperature data gets logged and can be viewed online.

Would you like to know more about our different options within meters, please contact our sales department.