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Analysis package

Indoor climate problems?

Instead of purchasing a total moisture solution, with installation of humidity sensors throughout the property, you can choose Brunata’s smart analysis package, also called Visual Mobile - Indoor Climate. This is a testing device that provides the ability to monitor indoor climate at a desired location for a specific period.

The analysis package has temperature and humidity meters and comes with a transmitting unit, which sends and receives data seven days a week. And all data is, of course, available online.

The analysis package can be used by multiple target groups. If you as an administrator would like to test the concept before investing in a complete solution, the analysis package can be used, as it is suitable for providing an overview when there is suspicion of indoor climate problems:

  • The analysis package’s meters can be used in places where there is suspicion of moisture and poor indoor climate - for example, if there are complaints from residents about high humidity. It can therefore be used to detect moisture damage and mold, and thereby maintain a sound property.


The analysis package can also be used if you as an energy consultant and entrepreneur would like to have the opportunity to gather evidence of the property's condition – especially during renovation projects:

  • The analysis package’s meters can be used to measure and visualise the property's condition before, during, and after the renovation.