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Humidity solution

Maintain a healthy climate in the property with Brunata’s humidity solution, which allows you to monitor indoor climate online. More specifically, you can view the property's humidity and temperature.

As an administrator, heating manager or property inspector manager, you can even set alarms that will activate if elevated humidity is detected. This can help residents maintain a proper indoor climate and assure the property's soundness. Furthermore, you can avoid unnecessarily high renovation costs caused by moisture formation and the like, since you have the opportunity to take action before damage is done.

An unfortunate side effect of efforts to keep heating bills down is that there is an increase are mold problems within public housing across the country. Moisture damage costs hundreds of thousands of Danish Kroner every year to repair. However, Brunata has the solution to this problem.


Brunata’s moisture meterFutura Hygro, calculates several times daily the relative humidity of the area in which the meter is installed. The humidity can be read on the meter's display, and by choosing the additional option of Brunata's network solution, administrators can also monitor the moisture level of the flat via a personal login. This is important to achieve a proper indoor climate and maintaining a sound property. This makes it easy for all parties to enter into a dialogue on how to achieve the best possible behavior.

The meter does not show what people are doing in their homes, but rather illustrates some patterns of the indoor climate, based on which evaluations of moisture problems can be prepared. And at the same time, the moisture meter will help to indicate whether it is the behavior and habits that cause moisture problems or whether it is due to the property’s structure.

The solution for keeping track of the property’s temperature is Brunata’s electronic temperature meterFuturaComfort. Brunata’s Futura Comfort is an electronic temperature meter, it and can therefore be read remotely, which allows for the online monitoring of temperatures.  The temperature meter takes a temperature reading every 2 minutes and calculates on the basis of each measurement the average values that are displayed on the meters display.

FuturaComfort can be used for measuring the room temperature and via monitoring ensuring that the space is properly heated.

The temperature meter is also available with an external sensor, which means that the temperature sensor can be set up at a distance from the sensor itself. The meter can therefore also be used for measuring temperatures in places that are not readily accessible. This could, for instance, be the measurement of temperatures in closed shafts or pipes.


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