Our solutions

Administration and services

If you choose Brunata as your partner, you are offered various services, which will give you, as an administrator and person who is responsible for water, an administrative relief, which means more time for other important errands in daily life.


  • ProService. We offer an automatic monitoring and servicing of water meters for an annual, lump sum. This reduces administrative burdens. We take responsibility for notifications, servicing, and even replacements. There will not be any unexpected costs, as you will know the exact annual operating cost.
  • Replacement Service for water meters. It is a legal requirement that the property's water meters be replaced or randomly tested every 6 years. With the option of Brunata's replacement service, we take care of the practical tasks and ensure the automatic replacement of the property's water meters every 6 years at an annual, lump sum. If you do not choose our replacement service, a random test of water meters must occur after six years.
  • Random Testing. With a random test, samples are taken, which are then tested in a meter laboratory – this determines for how many years the meter's life may be extended, or if the meters need to be decommissioned.

    There are two advantages with random testing. One saves money, because the water meter's life can be extended. And you avoid spending time and resources on the selection and re-installation of water meters.
  • Installment Payment Service. We also offer our clients an installment payment service with the purchase of new meters. The service is a form of a lease agreement, where you get your new meters today, but their cost is distributed over an agreed period. This gives the property some economic breathing space and the ability to retain liquidity.



  • Control System. Our control system is a documentation system for water meters. A control system must be constructed so that it, through its operation, achieves a sufficient degree of assurance that the regulatory requirements of the meters in operation are not exceeded. With Brunata as a partner, you get online access to a electronic control manual. By cooperating with us, you are assured of being in compliance with legal requirements for documentation of water allocation. Furthermore, you are guaranteed the correct documentation if a dispute arises involving the rental authority.


Reading of Meters

  • Brunata Net. Brunata Net is a flexible and rapid method for reading meters. This method makes it easy to record data from water meters at short intervals. The recorded data is used for consumption accounts, the display of graphs, the issueing of reports, and managing alarms – all via Brunata Online. All remotely read meters can be connected to Brunata Net. That implies that visits to each lease and the cumbersome collection of keys from residents are not necessary. There is simultaneous reading of all water meters. And reading errors can therefore be avoided.
  • Brunata DriveBy. Brunata DriveBy is used for property that make use of annual consumption readings. Brunata’s service cars read the property’s water meter by simply driving past the premises. The water meter data is subsequently transferred directly to a server, from which we can quickly and effectively prepare consumption accounts. All of our remote reading water meter can be connected to DriveBy. That implies that visits to each rental and the cumbersome collection of keys from residents are not necessary. There is simultaneous reading of all water meters. And reading errors can therefore be avoided.