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Visualisation of consumption data

Consumption account

One way to illustrate the consumption data for water is through consumption accounts, which Brunata drafts. Consumption bills are designed on the basis of property’s requirements.

We have made it easy and efficient for administrators, as Brunata collects meter data and prepares consumption account for each lease, but also for the residents, as we ensure that they get a fair and accurate consumption account on time.


WebMon is an online program that visualise consumption and meter data. It provides a quick and optimal overview of the water consumption – from property to the meter level. WebMon can be used by administrators and residents.

WebMon also allows configuration of reports and alarms, which are received in connection with imprudent consumption fluctuations. This is beneficial for administrator or the property’s facility manager. If you are resident you can easily get overview of your own water consumption through easily understandable tables and graphs. WebMon is available in several versions, depending on requirements. Read more here

Get you own web archive

All our customers are offered online access to consumer accounts, distribution lists, regulatory files, bills, move-through receipts and integration files for administrator systems.

Brunata's WebArkiv provides benefits for both the administrator and residents.

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Get you own web archive

An energy-efficient property

If you are looking for a detailed monitoring of property meters, as administrators or advisors, you should consider Brunata Visual.

Brunata Visual is a desktop application that is highly effective in the effort to have a energy-efficient property.

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An energy-efficient property

Our water meters

In order to have consumption data for water visualised, it is a prerequisite that the property have remotely readable meters.

Individual water meters ensure a fair allocation of water costs. We can meet any requirements for water metering with our range of meters.

By choosing Brunata's WebMon Plus, the resident can always monitor their own consumption, and the administrator can monitor the entire property’s consumption via a personal login. Furthermore, the administrator is freed from planning and coordination tasks in connection with taking meter measurements, as the meters can be read remotely. This also means that residents do not have to be home for a reading to take place.

The visualisation of consumption data ensures more sustainable behavior and saves both the resident and the property many unnecessary costs for water. Brunata's data indicates that individual metering and access to water and heat consumption data typically reduces consumption by 10-40% at the property level.

Would you like to know more about our various offers for water meters, please contact our sales department.