We help to reduce your and the property’s consumption

Brunata's solutions are divided into two business areas, consumption data and property data.

Solutions for problems relating to consumption data are intended to elucidate the consumption of water, heat, and electricity – this reduces consumption by up to 40%. Property Data makes indoor climate and hidden energy data visible. It helps to create a good indoor climate and ensure optimal use of the property's total energy consumption - this can reduce energy consumption by another 10%.

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Your secure way to exact consumption accounts

We provide accurate and reliable measurement and allocation of energy consumption, as well as production and delivering consumption accounts punctually. We collect your consumption data and compile statistics on how much water, heat, and electricity you have consumed. Your administrator is responsible for collecting payments for your spending and for managing your receivables or debts, that is, if your consumption does not correspond to what you have prepaid.

A properly drafted consumption account ensures that all property costs are shared fairly between each lease. Brunata, therefore, ensures that you only pay for your own consumption - not for your neighbour’s.

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Proper data for individual needs

We take pride in making consumption and property data transparent and understandable for our customers.

This is done by offering remote meters of high quality, which ensure correct measurement - and the reading takes place without needing access to residents' flat. Visibility is made possible by our consumption accounts and online solutions, which enable the monitoring of consumption via graphical displays and charts. 

With insight into your own consumption, one can take part in controlling how much water, heat, and electricity is used - and one can establish a more sustainable behaviour, which is beneficial to both your consumption account and the environment.

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Digital solutions that provide an overview

Online services

We offer several online services that provide insight into consumption and property data. It has been proven, that consumer insights are encouraging residents in developing sustainable behavior. 

Through our digital solutions, it is possible for our customers to monitor, for example, consumption and indoor climate. They are designed for private tenants, administrators, heating technicians, energy advisers, and the like.

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Create a greener world together with Brunata

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At Brunata, we have always supported initiatives that make a positive impact on climate protection and energy efficiency.

We endeavour to bestow the company's solutions utility value for both the consumer and society in regard to the optimisation of resources and environmental improvements. As an example, our data indicates that if you choose individual measurement and insight, in particular water and heat consumption, you can reduce consumption by 10-40% on the property level.

It's just one part of Brunata’s efforts to create an environmentally friendly world.

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We have serviced meters since 1917

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We are a Danish family-owned company with more than 100 years of experience in delivering solutions that optimise and reduce the energy consumption of homes and buildings. Today, all of our meters are enabled for remote reading, and we have a wide range of different solutions for energy data, which are sold in more than 15 countries.

It is our mission to provide solutions that make it possible for our customers to utilise the property’s energy resources to its full potential, and thus contribute to a greener world.