Smart cities

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an intelligent world

Our vision is a world full of smart cities – and we will contribute to that goal by being the preferred partner when it comes to connectivity and intelligent solutions for homes, buildings and urban areas. Our solutions focus on saving energy and resources, creating a healthier environment and generally increasing life quality.

4 good reasons to think

smart with Brunata

Save time and trouble

With Brunata’s intelligent network technology there is less need for service workers to visit homes and buildings. And with Brunata online services administration becomes a lot easier for both administrators and tenants.

Be proactive

With clear data delivered directly to your personal devices you can follow energy consumption, indoor climate and property state data. And you can react immediately in case of for instance a leak or increased CO2 levels.

Save energy and resources

When you can follow energy consumption closely, you are able to optimize the energy flow and save resources for the benefit of both the residents and the environment.

Increase life quality and efficiency

Our IoT technology can help you to optimize indoor climate, find a parking place, see when your electric bike is fully charged, check if containers need to be emptied and much more.


From intelligent metering and billing to efficient services and our own Internet of Things. Brunatas solutions embrace 
it all.

Smart cities

Brunata is taking the lead when it comes to creating tomorrow’s smart living. Not in a distant future, but right here and now.


Digitalizing our homes, buildings and cities is not just about making daily life easier and more efficient. It is about saving resources and securing a sustainable future.


Remote reading of meters is an essential part of the EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive. It is a good idea to prepare for the new guidelines already now.