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The basis for accurate measurement of consumption and condition data is accurate and reliable meters. And Brunata is embracing the future in this area as well. Technologically, our meters are at the forefront in terms of accuracy, design and future-proof networking technology.

Radiator meters

Electronic precision meters installed on each heat source, such as radiators.

Energy meters

Advanced electronic meters that monitor the total heat consumption from all sources. For example, in an apartment with underfloor heating.

Water meters

Reliable meters that ensure accurate and fair allocation of water consumption. Built-in security when reporting possible leaks, for example, running toilets or other constant water consumption.

Electricity meters

Compact electronic meters for accurate recording of electricity consumption and the option of monitoring the entire electricity consumption of the property.

Smoke alarm

Increases security with “self-diagnosis" and notification of the need for batteries to be changed.

Humidity and temperature meters

By measuring the temperature and the air humidity of a room, a poor indoor climate can be avoided and cold bridges detected, among other things.

CO2 meters

Detects the room's CO2 level, temperature and relative air humidity. Important information for optimising a property's indoor climate.

Leakage sensors

Sensitive meter that detects water and sends an alarm in the event of a leak. Can save the property huge costs by providing a timely warning.

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