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Brunata is part of a strong international partnership with German company ZENNER, a manufacturer of high-quality meter products. As two of the world’s leading companies in energy metering we offer a complete and unique value chain for the industry: from large scale industrial solutions to domestic energy metering – from manufacturing of advanced precision meters to visualization, services and IoT. Together we focus on intelligent solutions for a near future where resources, efficiency and life quality count more than ever.

With an extensive portfolio of innovative measuring technology, ZENNER offers water meters, heat and cooling energy meters, gas meters, modern IoT sensors and digital solutions across a network of customers and partners in more than 100 countries around the globe.

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Product image ZENNER Device Manager BasicZENNER Device Manager Basic
ZENNER Device Manager Basic

The ZENNER Device Manager Basic is a wireles M-Bus readout and configuration application

Product image ZENNER CO2 INDICATOR L868 ID A for LoRaWAN<sup>®</sup>ZENNER CO2 INDICATOR L868 ID A for LoRaWAN®

The ZENNER CO2 INDICATOR is a compact indoor LoRaWAN® radio sensor (868 MHz) for measuring the CO2 content of indoor air.

Product image Connection interface type IST for heat and cooling meterConnection interface type IST for heat and cooling meter
Connection interface type IST for heat and cooling meter

The EAS (single pipe connector) forms the base for the zelsius® compact heat meter. This must only be installed on the initial installation and then remains in the heating system.

Product image Water meters MTKD-M (-CC) and MTKD-NWater meters MTKD-M (-CC) and MTKD-N
Water meters MTKD-M (-CC) and MTKD-N

The MTKD is a multi-jet water meter for cold potable water. The MTKD-M (-CC) is equipped with an 8-digit dry dial meter register and a modulator disc for remote reading of meter ...

Product image Positive Displacement water meter RTKP-MF-M-CCPositive Displacement water meter RTKP-MF-M-CC
Positive Displacement water meter RTKP-MF-M-CC

The RTKP-MF-M-CC is a manifold-type rotary piston dry-dial meter for cold water. Electronic, non-reactive scanning enables remote reading of meter data via radio with LoRaWAN® or ...

Product image Piston type water meter RNK-RP-NPiston type water meter RNK-RP-N
Piston type water meter RNK-RP-N

Volumetric Rotary Piston Meter RNK-RP-N is a water meter for cold potable water with protected dial and brass body. RNK-RP-N is retrofitable with pulser (reed) for remote readout ...

Product image Ultrasonic bulk water meter IUWUltrasonic bulk water meter IUW
Ultrasonic bulk water meter IUW

The IUW ultrasonic bulk water meter is used to record high and fluctuating flows in drinking water distribution and in industry, with a very low pressure loss at the same time.

Product image Atmos<sup>®</sup> - Compact type gas meterAtmos® - Compact type gas meter
Atmos® - Compact type gas meter

The Diaphragm gas meter is available in sizes G1.6 and G2.5. The meter is characterized by precise measurements, a constant measuring stability, a long life and high reliability.

Product image Water meters MTKD-M-ST AND MTKD-N-STWater meters MTKD-M-ST AND MTKD-N-ST
Water meters MTKD-M-ST AND MTKD-N-ST

The MTKD-ST is a multi-jet dry dial meter for cold water in a standpipe design. MTKD-M-ST is equipped with an 8-digit dry dial meter register and a modulator disc. This enables ...

Product image Hot water meter MTWD-M-ST and MTWD-N-STHot water meter MTWD-M-ST and MTWD-N-ST
Hot water meter MTWD-M-ST and MTWD-N-ST

MTWD-ST is available in two versions: MTWD-N-ST with 7-digit rollers and magnet pointer for pulse output. MTWD-M-ST with 8-digit rollers register and modulator disc for ...

Product image Ultrasonic heat meter/ cooling meter zelsius<sup>®</sup> C5 IUFUltrasonic heat meter/ cooling meter zelsius® C5 IUF
Ultrasonic heat meter/ cooling meter zelsius® C5 IUF

The zelsius® C5 IUF ultrasonic heat meter and cooling meter operates with an innovative ultrasonic technology, specially developed for domestic energy measurement and district ...

Product image Bulk water meter WPD / WPHDBulk water meter WPD / WPHD
Bulk water meter WPD / WPHD

WPD / WPHD is a smart Woltman bulk water meter for the measuring of high flow rates with parallel turbine shaft. It is prepared for remote reading via wired M-bus, wireless ...

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