Energy solutions

for a smarter future

Brunata supports the green transition by being a catalyst for change

We bring cleantech to doorsteps all over Europe and bridge the gap between market expectations and benefits realisation.

With a data-driven approach to energy consumption in private and public buildings, owners and administrators can reduce CO₂ emissions, save resources, make buildings healthier and improve quality of life for residents.

About Us

Brunata is part of the Brunata-Minol-ZENNER Group, that has 4,200 employees all over the world, and local partners in more than 100 countries. Brunata is one of Europe’s leading specialists in energy measuring, metering and submetering as well as property based IoT solutions and Energy Management.

For more than 100 years we have collected consumption data from residential properties. Initially from radiators but today from a variety of innovative meters, detectors, and sensors. Our goal is to bring cleantech to doorsteps all over Europe, save resources and improve quality of life.

Part of a strong network

is a specialist in energy measuring, metering and submetering as well as property based IoT solutions and Energy Management.

produces and markets measurement technology for global markets. The main target groups are utilities, energy providers and municipalities.

is a leading global service provider for the real estate industry specialising in consumption billing.

The four pillars

If reduced CO₂ emissions is the goal, and optimised energy consumption is the plan, Brunata has the technology and knowledge to be one of the world’s leading product, service and solution partners in the green transition.

Our ambitions stand on four pillars:

1. Consumption Accounts

Data-driven consumption accounts for water, heat, gas, and electricity in residential buildings.

Brunata’s company roots can be traced back over 100 years and began with the development of devices for measuring energy consumption. Since then, we have gained deeper insight into energy forms, and we have perfected our ways to measure, monitor, and activate data in an ecosystem of services.

We see an increasing demand for monitoring individual consumption on a more granular level and make energy data available via apps and web portals.

2. Measuring Technology

Smart measuring and metering solutions for municipal utilities, energy providers, real estate companies and industrial companies.

We offer an extensive portfolio of innovative measuring technology such as water meters, heat and cooling energy meters, gas meters, and IoT sensors. Our digital solutions enable customers to implement intelligent systems for metering and develop added value services.

From detecting leaks, to consumption optimization and setting up intelligent supply networks we provide future-ready and sustainable energy solutions.

3. Smart Buildings

IoT based smoke detectors, indoor climate sensors, and leakage and water flow sensors.

Bricks, concrete, and wood can’t communicate. Meters, sensors, and detectors can. The vision of tomorrow’s Smart Cities and Smart Buildings is based on flows of targeted data delivered in real-time.

Brunata’s IoT products and services are designed to support a safe, healthy building. We deliver IoT solutions end-to-end with network installation, product configuration, monitoring, service, and support.

4. Energy Management

Complete overview of energy flows on meter and submeter level for residential buildings.

Digitalisation is an integral part of the green transition. Figures, statistics, data patterns constitute knowledge from the past, and make it possible to navigate efficiently towards future goals.

Brunata delivers an Energy Management System (EMS) that help owners and administrators optimise energy consumption from a building stock. The key driver is a data-driven approach to better understand how energy is consumed, and how levels can be reduced.

A catalyst for change

Throughout history owners and administrators have been forced to take a reactive approach to operating a building. Today, professionals not only want a day-to-day overview of how much energy is used on all levels and in detail; they also find it valuable to receive proactive information so they, for instance, can respond to abnormalities in the energy flow before issues escalate.

Example 1: A residential property experiences a leakage somewhere in the structure of a building. Normally, the leakage won’t be found until residents complain about a discomfort. With leakage sensors placed in every flat the leakage can be detected within days before the damage results in costly repairs.

Example 2: A building administrator installs submeters in a residential building, and furthermore makes it possible for tenants to follow their individual energy consumption (water, heat, gas, electricity) via an app. With a better understanding of their own consumption pattern tenants are encouraged to change behavior. E.g., by running home appliances such as dish washers and washing machines at night when electricity is cheap and green.

Example 3: A water utility supplier experiences a rupture somewhere in the water distribution system. With sensors placed underground they receive an alarm when the system detects an unusual high water consumption pattern, and the sensor furthermore tells the waterwork supplier where to look for the rupture.

Built on open standards

  • Brunata’s devices use the LoRaWAN® network for transmitting data. LoRaWAN® is the global, open IoT standard. Easy to install and secure by design.
  • Brunata’s technology uses open API’s to connect third party data and devices to our platform.

Compliant with present and future legislation

  • EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive (EED). The EED states that all manual consumption meters must be replaced by 2027 by ones that can be read remotely. This is to be done, among other things, by giving consumers access to updated consumption data via apps or web portals.