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Brunata is one of Europe’s most innovative companies in the field of consumption measurement and consumption accounts.

With intelligent technology, we create the basis for the Smart Cities of the future, where resource savings and quality of life have the highest priority

Your partner for the future

Brunata is one of Europe’s leading specialists in intelligent energy metering, consumption accounts and IoT solutions. We have more than 100 years of experience in optimizing energy consumption in homes and buildings. And we bring this experience with us into a future where saving resources is more important than ever. Through advanced network solutions and new technology we create the basis for tomorrow’s smart cities – focusing on sustainability, efficiency and increased life quality

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Meet our global family

Brunata has danish roots but our family is global. We are an integrated part of the Brunata-Minol-ZENNER Group: An innovative global collaboration consisting of 12 highly specialized companies which together have the power to make future energy solutions real today.

Networking for a new tomorrow

Data network is at the heart of many of our solutions. And it is only natural that Brunata-Minol-ZENNER Group is also an active and dedicated member of the LoRa Alliance™ – developing and optimizing the LoRaWAN® standard.

We are looking forward to providing top standard local solutions and services based on global skills and knowhow – for you and for the future.

The history of Brunata

The Danes were the first in the world to use heat cost allocators, and the credit for this can primarily be claimed by Brunata. The whole story started with an engineer by the name of Constantin Brun, who was interested in how to allocate heat costs fairly and accurately – at the same time making it possible to save energy.

At his engineering firm, he developed a whole new type of heat meter that allowed accurate measurement and allocation of heating costs in properties. The family-owned Danish company Constantin Brun was thus born. And it marked the start of a century of technological milestones in the measurement and allocation of heat, water and energy.

Brun meets ATA

One of the milestones was the merger with the Swiss company ATA in 1950. The change of name to Brunata lay ahead, as did an intense technological development phase in which more and more types of consumption meters were developed. Water meters amongst others, which were widely used in the 1970s. But as always, engineering was key, and for example, Brunata’s heat meters included patented technology that still makes them the most accurate on the market.

With the proliferation of the internet, Brunata naturally went online and offered remotely read meters as well as completely new and efficient ways of delivering data to provide customers with the best possible overview.

The intelligent future

At Brunata, development never stops. In 2018, Brunata was acquired by the German company Minol, a global frontrunner in energy, measurement technology and data networks. With new knowledge and technology behind it, Brunata will in future take the lead in the Internet of Things and the move towards smart buildings and smart cities.

This new phase has only just begun and it is the one that will successfully take Brunata into a new century. With curiosity and engineering as the driving force. And with the constant goal of saving time, effort and energy resources for society and for the individual citizen. Totally in the spirit of Constantin Brun.