Consumption accounts

We offer fair and accurate consumption accounts delivered on time. Presented through a unique visualization solution which gives the recipient an easy and clear picture of consumption and expenses. We also deliver property data to optimize the property’s entire energy consumption and state of the buildings.


The basis for accurate measurement of consumption and property state data is reliable meters. Our advanced meters are at the forefront in terms of accuracy, reliability design and future-proof networking technology.

Energy management

Brunata presents the most innovative and user friendly system for energy management, which means you will have the perfect overview of energy flow on main meter level for all buildings totally and individually. You get all essential data for energy optimization so you can reduce energy consumption and CO2 emission.


Whether you are an owner or an administrator Brunata offer services which will make your work and the residents’ life easier. Among other things we can help ensure the health of buildings, support a good indoor climate and, not least, make sure everything is compliant with current legislation.


Brunata’s Internet of Things is the intelligent network which connects all our solutions. Through LoRaWan® technology we can handle data from a vast number of meters and sensors, giving you a perfect overview of energy consumption and property state – at the same time we open up a world of smart possibilities – from smart parking to smart lighting and waste management.


From intelligent metering and billing to efficient services and our own Internet of Things. Brunatas solutions embrace 
it all.

Smart cities

Brunata is taking the lead when it comes to creating tomorrow’s smart living. Not in a distant future, but right here and now.


Digitalizing our homes, buildings and cities is not just about making daily life easier and more efficient. It is about saving resources and securing a sustainable future.


Remote reading of meters is an essential part of the EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive. It is a good idea to prepare for the new guidelines already now.