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Brunata is one of Europe’s leading specialists in intelligent energy metering, consumption accounts and IoT solutions.

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Our basic services, metering and consumption allocation, can be supplemented with a wide range of services that make everyday life easier for residents and for you as administrator or owner. At the same time, we can offer to connect everything with the latest network technology: Brunata’s own Internet of Things. This means that you will be ready to meet the demands of the future.

Consumption accounts

Fair allocation and clear visualisation of energy consumption and expenses as well as tools that facilitate your work.

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Healthy buildings and happy residents. We offer you services that will make your and the residents’ everyday life easier.

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Brunata Online

Complete overview of energy consumption and costs, both as administrator and resident.

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Advanced meters that give you maximum accuracy and reliability with new network technology.

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Brunata Smart Building

Keep your buildings in good condition with Brunata’s intelligent Smart Building services.

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Smart metering solutions

ZENNER is a global leading manufacturer of water meters, heat and cooling energy meters, gas meters, submetering and digital solutions for remote reading.

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Meters that are ready for the demands of the future

The basis for accurate measurement of consumption and condition data is accurate and reliable meters. Together with ZENNER Brunata is embracing the future in this area as well. Technologically, our meters are at the forefront in terms of accuracy, design and future-proof networking technology.

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Smart solutions
for a Smart City

Brunata’s intelligent network is not just created for efficient measurement of energy consumption, the indoor climate and the health and safety of the property. It is also ready for the future with technology that supports smart homes, smart buildings and smart cities.

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