New IoT-innovation uses LoRaWAN® and puts a stop to wild waste of water – in toilets

A running toilet can waste up to 1,100 liters – or 10 bathtubs – of clean water in just 24 hours. Brunata’s newly patented Smart Building Running Toilet service uses IoT and LoRaWAN® technology to help tenants and administrators save on a resource that is becoming scarce all over the world as climate is changing.

Climate change is reshaping Europe’s freshwater resources. Scarcity looms in dry regions and urbanized areas, and we need to find new ways of protecting this precious and vital resource.

All over Europe, leaking toilets are a common source of waste, but often go unnoticed. At 8 liters/hour, it can be almost invisible, while a full one can waste more than 150 liters every hour. Estimates are that 5-8% of all toilets have a present leak.

A team of Brunata’s technicians has now developed a simple, yet ingenious IoT solution for this problem: the “Running Toilets” service.

This new Smart Building service uses intelligent vibration sensors synced with Brunata’s LoRaWAN® network for efficient data collection. When a sensor detects constant water flow to a cistern, the system warns tenants and administrators, urging them to take action and literally stop money from running down the toilet. In other words, Running Toilets help people save money and protect the environment.

Brunata’s already proven and extensive LoRaWAN® network is developed for remote reading of consumption meters like water meters and energy meters. This makes it the perfect match for Smart Building solutions like the new “Running Toilet” service.
The benefits of Brunata’s LoRaWAN® network are that it is ideal for collecting and processing data from meters, sensors, and similar technological devices. The LoRaWAN® network is easy to install and can cover large areas in dense buildings.

Brunata Smart Building combines intelligent sensors, maintenance services, and an online platform that provides easily comprehensible insights into the condition of your residential properties, and the possibility of setting up alerts for alarms and e-mail notifications.


Contact information

To learn more about Brunata’s “Running Toilet” service, contact Morten Duelund, Technical Product Manager: +45 50 60 96 40 / modu@brunata.com


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