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the future of Brunata

Where do you fit in?

There are a lot of opportunities to make a career with us. Brunata employees belong to many professional groups, from engineers and technicians to specialists in IT, R&D, finance, the supply chain, marketing, sales and human resources. So it doesn’t matter if you have an academic background, are a skilled technician or an administrative employer. The most important thing is that you can picture yourself in our world and our ambitions.

Be part of the future of Brunata

Brunata is a rapidly developing company. And you will be able to feel that as an employee. It is a workplace that emanates energy, a willingness to tread new paths and has a clear ambition to play a leading role when it comes to new technology.

Our core business is energy measurement and consumption accounting, and we adhere to that. But tomorrow’s technology is gaining more and more space in our universe, and we’ve moved from thinking heat, water and electricity to thinking smart homes, smart buildings and eventually smart cities.

We want to help drive forward the developments towards a more intelligent world, where everyday life for our customers becomes easier and more transparent, and where new technology makes it possible to save both time and energy. We hope you want to be part of this vision.

It’s about having a good network

A key part of Brunata’s business is an intelligent network that makes up Brunata’s own Internet of Things. Based on this technology, we can collect endless amounts of data for our customers and provide them with the overview they need.

Not just when it comes to energy consumption and their indoor climate – but in the future also when it comes to vacant parking spaces, electric bicycle charging stations, filled containers and much more that are part of everyday life in a residential area, a company or an entire municipality. Limited only by imagination. And fortunately we have plenty of the latter.