Brunata Smart Building

- the easy way to safeguard your residential properties

Hidden damage, unforeseen renovation, and faulty fittings can quickly derail your efforts towards economically and environmentally sustainable residential property management.

With a Brunata Smart Building service subscription, you can easily keep your buildings safe and healthy, keep the use of resources in check, and avoid costly, structural damage.

The four Brunata Smart Building Services

Indoor Climate Monitoring

Monitor room temperature and humidity to prevent poor indoor climate and black mould.

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Leakage Monitoring

Detect leakages in time and avoid water waste and costly secondary damages.

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Smoke Detector Monitoring

Get notified by low battery level and provide local fire safety with intelligent smoke detectors.

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Running Toilet Monitoring

Avoid waste of water and expensive additional expenses for the residents.

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How does Brunata

Smart Building work?

Brunata Smart Building combines smart sensors, maintenance services and an online platform that provides easily comprehensible insights into the condition of your residential properties.

Once the sensors are installed, data is transmitted via our LoRaWAN® network, data is then visualized on Brunata’s online platform for administrators, Brunata Online.

Brunata's Smart Building services are based on 3 building blocks:

Intelligent sensors

Intelligent sensors detect emerging issues such as leakages and dampness as well as faults such as defective smoke alarms and running toilets.

Online data overview

Brunata's online platform presents an overview of the data across all your properties in the form of graphs and alerts you to any issues before they escalate. You can adjust the alarm levels and choose if you want to receive notifications per e-mail about issues, before they escalate.

Full service included

Brunata’s experienced service technicians deliver on-site maintenance of all sensors, so you do not have to worry about batteries or installations.

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Brunata Online - all insights in one place

Brunata Online is a platform for administrators where they can get a comprehensive overview of data from consumption meters – presented in clear graphs and tables. At the same time, the platform contains tools for optimising energy consumption through alarm setups and reports. Brunata Online is also available as an app aimed at residents.

As part of Brunata’s Smart Building universe, you get access to sensor data in Brunata Online. Here you can e.g. create alarms ​​and manage notifications/alarms in the event of incidents. Furthermore, you can see the sensor data visualised in a clear and managable way.

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Who benefits from using Brunata Smart Building?

Brunata Smart Building is developed for residential properties such as:

  • Housing cooperatives
  • Owners’ associations
  • Tenant associations
  • Other residential properties

If you represent a residential property and want to feel secure knowing that you will be alerted to hidden problems such as poor indoor climate and leakages before they escalate, Brunata Smart Building is for you.

Looking for a solution for public or business properties?

Brunata Smart Building can easily be adapted to your needs. Contact our consultants to learn more.

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Our Smart Building services are based on a subscription model:

For more details on pricing go to your local website

The price per service includes:

  • Sensor
  • Acces to overview and sensor data in Brunata Online
  • Full service – on sensors (installation, replacement when battery runs out and ongoing service.

No added service fees, no surprises – full transparency on the price.

Let us help you calculate the price on your Smart Building solution, also if you have a larger project or tender.

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Indoor Climate Monitoring

Poor indoor climate is breeding ground for black mould

Low indoor temperatures and high air humidity increase condensation on indoor surfaces, creating the perfect breeding ground for black mould. This may cause health issues for the residents and may require costly renovation and rehousing.

Brunata’s indoor climate sensor measures the temperature and relative air humidity, enabling you to monitor the indoor climate of each tenancy. If the temperature is too low, or the humidity too high for an extended period, you will receive a notification per e-mail.

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Leakage Monitoring

Leakages may lead to costly renovations

Not only do undetected leakages waste vast amounts of water in very little time. They can also cause severe secondary damage, resulting in high, unforeseen renovation costs.

With Brunata’s leakage sensor, you can handle leakages before they cause secondary damage. The sensor detects direct water impact as well as air humidity and alerts you to any anomalies.

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Smoke Detector Monitoring

Faulty smoke detectors can have fatal consequences

A falty smoke detector – e.g. because of low battery – doubles the risk of a fire being fatal.

Brunata’s intelligent smoke detector provides local fire safety for the residents. You will receive a notification, when the detector is running out of battery or has been removed.

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Running Toilet Monitoring

Help residents avoid unintentional water consumption

A running toilet is a drain not only on the environment, but on the resident’s budget as well. In extreme cases, a resident may be forced to leave their apartment if unable to pay their water bill. With a running toilet sensor, you can help your residents keep their water consumption in check while improving the overall sustainability of your building. The sensor monitors the water flow to the cistern and alerts you when detecting a running toilet.

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Start monitoring your buildings in 3 simple steps

1. Find your solution

Our experienced sales team will help you identify your needs and find the right solution.

2. Installation

Brunata's competent technicians install the sensors and LoRaWAN® network as required.

3. Start monitoring

Keep track of the condition of your buildings with Brunata Online - you can automatically receive notifications in case of irregularities.

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Case: Brunata Smart Building made its money back in six months

Within six months of installation at the residential property ‘The House of Generations’ located in Denmark, Brunata’s Smart Building leakage monitoring service enabled the facility management staff to prevent costly secondary damage.

'Our investment in Brunata’s Smart Building service has already paid for itself. The type of leakage we experienced could easily have resulted in costly damages if we had not detected it in time.''We have a greater sense of security because we know that the technology works and alerts us to any leakage issues we need to address.'Bjarne Eis, Technical Coordinator at The House of Generations after installing Brunata Smart Building leakage sensors.

Bjarne Eis, Technical Coordinator at The House of Generations

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Frequently asked questions

As soon as the network and sensors are installed, you can start monitoring your buildings. The duration of the sensor installation depends on variable factors such as how soon we can gain access to each apartment.

As a starting point, your sensors can send notifications every 10 minutes if you have set up notifications i Brunata Online. However, you have the option to adjust the time interval yourself if you wish to receive fewer notifications.

If you are unsure about which notification and alarm limits to set for your sensors, you can set them based on the expert recommendations found in Brunata Online.

You decide which e-mail addresses notifications are sent to. In Brunata Online you can add up to 8 e-mail addresses.

Yes, with access to Brunata Smart Building in Brunata Online, you are able to set up alarm limits and keep an eye on all of your properties.

Yes, Brunata Smart Building applies to any type of property, including schools, hospitals, office buildings, etc. Contact us for a quote.

We can help you install the network or set up access to a nearby network. Contact us to get an offer.