Get more out of being

a Brunata customer

It all starts with an accurate consumption account

It is Brunata who collects data from your meters and calculates how much heat, water and electricity you have consumed. We use the latest technology to ensure that the allocation is accurate, fair and easy to understand. In addition to some of the most accurate meters on the market, we offer remote reading via a network and the option of reading your consumption directly on your smartphone or PC. At the same time, in the future you will be able to access a lot of new smart home features through Brunata’s own Internet of Things.


What can Brunata do for me?

As a resident in a tenant association, housing co-operative or owners’ association, you get many benefits. Accurate consumption accounts, handy overview of your consumption, savings, better indoor climate and access to intelligent technology to make your everyday life easier.

Only pay for what you use

Brunata is a leader in accurate and fair consumption accounts. Data is constantly updated and made available to you via networks.

Say goodbye to home visits

If your association/property has chosen our remotely read meters, you do not even have to be home to let in service technicians. More and more people are choosing consumption meters that can be read remotely. With future-ready Brunata meters, you can be sure of correct consumption accounts that can be read remotely via networks – and at the same time meet current and future EU requirements. With remote reading, you not only save time on meter readings – it also allows you to monitor and optimize your consumption on an ongoing basis.

Get a better indoor climate

We not only measure the consumption of water, electricity and heat, but also air humidity, temperature and CO2, which makes it possible to monitor and optimize your indoor climate.