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If sustainability, indoor climate, overview and resource savings are high on the priority list when it comes to the municipality’s institutions and workplaces, Brunata offers a solution. An intelligent network that can monitor everything from CO2 volume and humidity in a classroom to defective smoke alarms at the town hall.

The building's indoor climate

Is the building healthy? How is the humidity and temperature? Have ongoing monitoring and see if there is a need intervene.

The indoor climate

How is the building to be in and work in? Get direct knowledge of the CO2 level, humidity, temperature and other things that can have an impact, on the pupils and teachers at a school for example.

Automatic water wastage control

Discover running toilets and dripping taps in time to avoid water wastage.

Leak alarm

Get a shaft alarm, in concealed and hidden pipe installations, so that any leak is detected in time and water damage is avoided or limited.

Hot water quality assurance

Get an overview of the temperature in the system so that the proper hot water comfort level is maintained and e.g. legionella outbreaks are prevented.

Cooling of district heating

Tools for measuring the temperature of return heat, so that you can ensure that energy is optimally utilised and CO2 emissions are reduced.

We are ready to have a dialogue

What dreams and desires do you have for your municipality and for the individual institutions? Do you have specific challenges with indoor climate and energy consumption that need to be addressed? Or are you looking to the future with respect to the intelligent municipality, which opens up new technological opportunities to think in terms of sustainability and improved quality of life?

We are open to having a dialogue, listening to your wishes and suggesting possible solutions.

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