Brunata Online

A platform for

administrators and residents

Brunata Online is a platform for administrators and residents, where they can get a comprehensive overview of data from consumption meters, presented in clear graphs and tables. At the same time, the platform provides tools for optimising energy consumption, in the form of alarms and reports.

In addition, the administrator can use the platform to keep track of the property by maintaining past accounts, occupancy records and other documentation.

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Get an even better overview

Brunata Online is your way to a complete overview of energy consumption and costs, both as administrator and resident. The result is not only time saved, but also the opportunity to save costs and reduce the environmental footprint.

Brunata’s intelligent network collects large amounts of accurate data from meters and sensors in the building. This data is processed by advanced software and sent back to you immediately as clear and concise information that can be quickly read on a PC, laptop or mobile device.

With Brunata Online, you get direct access to information about energy consumption and possible consumption deviations in a simple and intuitive design. The system is regularly updated with new, smart features that further enhance your overview and options.

With Brunata Online, you as an administrator have access to:

  • Customised and accurate reports on consumption, missing readings, etc.
  • Notifications and alarms in case of abnormal consumption somewhere in the building, if sensors and meters are not working, or if other matters require immediate action
  • Previous accounts
  • System information and resident consumption data
  • Possibility to offer your residents an effective resident portal and app


Save time and trouble

With Brunata Online, you will not only save time and increase efficiency in your daily work. You will also be able to provide better service to the property’s residents, keep a closer eye on the property’s condition and, most importantly, make sure everything complies with current legislation and EU requirements.


Track your consumption and save money

As a resident, you get a unique opportunity to track your energy consumption accurately from day to day. This means you can quickly see if there are major changes in your consumption and make timely changes that means big savings on your utility bill. You can get the information via our web portal or by downloading our app, if your administrator has granted you access.

With Brunata Online

you as a resident get access to:

  • Complete overview of water, heating, gas and electricity consumption
  • Overview of your consumption on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis, or for a time period of your choice
  • Monitoring your consumption if you just want a notification when your consumption reaches a defined level
  • Your consumption per room in the apartment, compared to the previous period
  • Your consumption on any meter on a specific date
  • Total overview of all your utility bills during the time you have had Brunata Online
  • Tips and tricks on how to save energy in everyday life

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