Achieves greater efficiency

with online reporting

Keeping track of all resident and expense information can seem like a daunting task. At Lejerbo, they have chosen the simplest and most effective way by using Online Reporting, which is one of Brunata's many online services. Here you have the option of creating an overview of current resident information and consumption accounts as well as making changes to this information.

When Brunata visited Lejerbo, it became clear how Online Reporting plays a significant role in the day-to-day work of a management organisation. We spoke to three frequent users of the system from Lejerbo’s consumption department, namely Gitte Jensen, Maja Mirjanic and Susanne Kühl, who use the system to, amongst other things, retrieve data, prepare accounts and report expenses and on-account payments for residents’ consumption. Gitte Jensen says:

“It’s easy to create on-account reports because you just enter a file directly and it looks super neat when you get a receipt. It all just comes together when printing. It’s great”.

Bigger profits

In a day-to-day life with many tasks that need top-quality solutions, easing the administrative burden is a high priority. Getting acquainted with Online Reporting undoubtedly seems to yield greater profits, since according to Gitte Jensen, the system is both user-friendly, clear and time-saving:

 “It’s just so easy. It couldn’t be any easier. In the past, it almost took longer to send than to prepare the expenses themselves. But after getting Online Reporting it all just runs smoothly and saves us a lot of time. By searching only once, you can see all consumption accounts for a particular resident or department, which is a feature we use a lot. It has definitely made things considerably easier in everyday life”.

The system is intuitive to navigate around, making it easy to use. Maja Mirjanic was completely new to Lejerbo when she had to be trained in the system and talks about her experience of being introduced to reporting:

“It was very, very easy to use and understand right away. It's one of the very best things, because you can easily get all the information you need”

Brunata Online

Online Reporting is part of Brunata Online – and is available for free as part of Brunata Online Standard

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“It was very, very easy to use and understand right away. This is one of the very best things because you can easily get all the information you need. For example, you can only search for a single resident, and then you can see all their previous accounts or other residents involved at the same tenancy. The accounts themselves are also very easy to take with respect to the breakdown of types of consumption. With you it is easy to see what is for water and what is for heat, etc. I think that’s great”.

Value is a continuous journey

Listening to customer feedback is a top priority at Brunata. We therefore constantly try to update the systems according to the wishes and needs of the customers, which seems to benefit Lejerbo. 

”You are good at updating and making improvements, for example, reporting on-account lists is much better than before. It’s easy to use, perfect”, says Maja Mirjanic.

Similarly, Susanne Kühl states that Online Reporting lives up to Lejerbo’s high standards for quality and efficiency in its work:

“It is a big plus with you that the systems just always work. Online Reporting is both effective and clear to look at. I am extremely satisfied”.

At Brunata we are proud to be able to provide solutions that make everyday life easier for Lejerbo and our other customers. We will therefore continue to develop our solutions to create value for customers and meet their needs, expectations and wishes for the future.