Associations achieve great

value with Brunata Online

Brunata Online's many different functions provide the basis for a good understanding of consumption patterns at meter, apartment and property level. With this comes a better overview, increased security and greater efficiency in the administrator's busy everyday life.

At KAB and in Silkeborg municipality, Brunata Online is a key tool in day-to-day work where high demands are placed on efficient processes and high-quality results. In an everyday life with many things to juggle as well as high ambitions, it is especially desirable to have access to easy tools with great added value.

“Brunata’s online system is an ingenious management tool. It works quickly, securely and easily. At the same time, the programme provides the necessary overview and saves us a lot of time. When you log in, you have data within a few seconds, which is quite impressive compared with other suppliers”, says energy consultant Bo Neergaard from KAB.

Resident inquiries

At KAB, Brunata Online is used as a general tool in the administration of the 68,000 tenancies. The programme provides a particular value in connection with resident inquiries, where questions can be answered effectively due to the easy access to a consumption overview for each tenancy. In Silkeborg municipality, the overview is also particularly suitable for handling inquiries from relatives of the residents in the many nursing homes.

“It takes next to no time to find the specific reason for the bill when you have Brunata Online. We can delve into data from the individual meter, which is very useful when dealing with inquiries about high consumption”, says Betina Jyndevad from Silkeborg municipality.


In Silkeborg municipality, both Betina Jyndevad and Jette Louise Bak are responsible for allocating nursing home places. An essential part of this process involves reporting relocations, where Brunata Online is used as a tool to improve efficiency as well as to provide quality assurance.

”There are only a few things to enter in Brunata Online. It’s just the date of departure and then it automatically tells you who is moving in on what date. It is fast and at the same time provides peace of mind because you can immediately see that the report has gone through”, says Jette Louise Bak.

Brunata Online

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Detecting consumption fluctuations

Another valued feature of Brunata Online is the programme’s reports, which can be extracted, for example, for consumption and air humidity. Both KAB and the Silkeborg municipality are sent a monthly report that can reveal any discrepancies in self-selected areas. At KAB, the reports are used especially as a tool to check the meters and the collection systems’ functionality, while the Silkeborg municipality emphasises the possibility of responding to inappropriate consumption patterns.

“It is good to find out if some of the tenancies have significant consumption fluctuations, as it allows us to nip in the bud problems such as a continually running tap or toilet. The reports therefore provide some peace of mind because they provide information about unnecessary waste of energy”,says Betina Jyndevad.

“The new system has a really promising future. It’s simply brilliant"

A future with possibilities

According to Bo Neergaard, Brunata Online can help open up a new future in the field of heating systems. In collaboration with Brunata, KAB is just trying out a new system where temperature loggers are used in combination with Brunata online monitoring.

“The new system has a really promising future. It’s simply brilliant. It suddenly becomes possible to control the heating system’s internal regulation and allocation of hot water on the basis of the temperature, thereby minimising heat expenditure. There will therefore be the possibility of a reasonably short payback period on the investment, says Bo Neergaard.

Brunata takes care of its customers

The many features of Brunata Online allow the individual customers to use the programme differently depending on their primary work area. KAB and Silkeborg municipality are good examples of how the programme can benefit in different ways. Regardless of the customer’s needs, Brunata will always make sure that the framework for the full benefit of the solution is created through, among other things, courses and ongoing advice.

“We had an introductory course that was really good for getting ready to navigate the programme – it was simply the coolest feeling that something could be so easy”, says Betina Jyndevad. Jette Louise Bak adds: “We also subsequently had the opportunity to ask questions and make adjustments, which were quickly taken care of”.

Thus, in Brunata’s collaboration with KAB and Silkeborg municipality, added value was created for day-to-day work through the use of Brunata Online. Brunata is always ready to help its customers, who must be able to rely on receiving the necessary advice along the way when working with new solutions.