New meters provide savings

and less hassle

Housing companies can now acquire new meters paid for over a term 3-10 years. This is happening with Brunata's new financing service. The property manager Flemming Sejr Hansen took advantage of this opportunity by purchasing new remotely read Brunata meters for two different properties.

With Brunata’s financing service, the property at Folehaven 135 in Valby, consisting of 12 apartments, invested in new heat meters and in this way preserved the liquidity of the property. Purchasing the new meters has also made life easier for the residents with a new agreement regarding remote reading.

“The property has prepared an instalment service with Brunata, which runs over 10 years on our new remotely read meters for both heat allocation and water in the property’s apartments. The new equipment is used, among other things, to measure the consumption of heat and hot water for the purpose of individual invoicing. This means that we can maintain liquidity and create improvements for the residents, which are paid for via the cost-related rent. The agreement also states that the meters can now be read remotely, so that residents avoid the hassle of having to be home by reading, as they had to be in the past. In terms of property management, we can also avoid collecting keys from the residents and thereby minimise the risk of manual reading errors. The annual remote reading also provides saving on manual reading, which in turn benefits the residents when they receive their consumption bill”, says property administrator Flemming Sejr Hansen.

Financing with many benefits

Brunata’s financing service can be used with all types of meters. The agreement is regarded as a lease agreement and the meters are billed annually. The price per meter or property depends on the type of meters installed in the property. Flemming Sejr Hansen thinks it is advantageous to choose a lease, especially for owners’ associations.

“Since the property at Rødager Allé 65-73 is an owners’ association which has 54 apartments, we can charge the leasing cost to the consumption account itself, which is an advantage for the association’s finances. And besides being able to maintain liquidity, we have no start-up costs or large lump sums to find for the purchase”, concludes property manager Flemming Sejr Hansen.