New digital platform for administrators and brand-new mobile app for residents

Brunata Online is used by property administrators to get an overview of energy consumption and expenses in residential buildings. At the same time, the platform is an important source of information on, e.g., major deviations in energy consumption that may require rapid intervention to avoid unnecessarily high costs.

Now, the platform is also available in a version for building residents. With Brunata Online for Residents, each resident has the possibility to follow their own consumption of heat, water, electricity and gas day by day, and the consumption can be monitored more precisely for each meter in each room. Among other things, the resident can compare consumption with previous periods, and see if there are major deviations, which makes it much easier to adjust consumption and thus save on energy bills.

New mobile app makes it even easier

At the same time, a brand-new app for residents will be launched, making it even easier for individual residents to check their consumption. All available data is presented in a simple and clear way in the app. Residents can compare consumption to previous periods, set alarms for consumption fluctuations and receive energy saving tips.

The app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play (if the property has signed up to the service).

Good news for administrators too

There is good news for administrators as well. With the introduction of an updated version of Brunata Online, administrators will also find new ways of optimizing their work.

The new generation of the system has been redesigned with a simpler interface, making it even easier to get to the information you need. Data is quick to read, navigation is intuitive, intelligent features are added all the time. As a new feature, it will be possible to invite new users and residents by email.

All in all, both residents and administrators get a better overview, which can save time on administrative tasks and money on energy bills.